From City To Countryside: Taiwan Car Rental Adventures Await

From City To Countryside: Taiwan Car Rental Adventures Await
The opportunities for vacationers who own a car in Taiwan are endless. You may become fully immersed in the various sceneries and attractions that this island has to offer if you are allowed to explore at your own speed. With a Taiwan car rental, you may travel to all of these places, from the soaring mountains and luscious woods to the pulsating cities and tranquil coastlines. Having a vehicle allows you to explore off the beaten road and find hidden gems that might not be reachable by public transit. A car rental provides you the freedom to plan your own special itinerary, whether it’s for exploring distant villages, going to local markets, or taking gorgeous drives along the coast. Read more on

Taiwan Car Rental: How to Rent a Car in Taiwan ?

Taiwan Car Rental: How to Rent a Car in Taiwan ?

Organizing Your Rental

Visit the website of the Taiwan car rental agency, make your selection of the desired dates, and then select your vehicle. You’ll then need to enter your details. Your entire name and passport number will be among the details. The auto insurance deductibles are different for each insurance company. There are parts like “insurance description” and “Terms of Service.” Before continuing, verify this information.

What Do You Need in Taiwan to Rent a Car?

To be eligible, you must own or meet the following requirements:
  • A license issued in your country of residence
  • International driving license
  • The Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), a visa, or an entry stamp
  • Passport credit cards issued by MasterCard or Visa; debit cards are not accepted.
  • Union Pay, American Express, JCB, and other credit card types are accepted by some automobile rental companies. Before renting, check out the websites of each Taiwan car rental¬†provider. Learn which payment options they accept.

Read the Car Rental Agreement

Make sure to read the entire fine language in your car rental agreement to look for clauses like:
  • Policy & Fees for Cancellations
  • Added costs
  • Fuel costs
  • Extra purchases
  • Insurance deductible for cars
This data is typically located on the “Terms of Service” page of the business. Otherwise, simply look at their pages that describe the cars.

Delivering Your Vehicle

After cleaning it up and documenting any damages, return the automobile to the location from whom you rented it. Make sure your car has the same quantity of fuel when you return it as when you picked it up. For instance, if the tank was full when you picked it up, fill it back up when you return it.
The following types of gasoline are used in Taiwan:
  • Unleaded 98 diesel fuel
  • 95 octane unleaded fuel
  • Unleaded fuel number 92
  • You can utilize your Costco membership in Taiwan if you have one. However, Taiwan car rental only has a small number of Costco gas stations.

How to Rent a Car in Taiwan: Some Pointers

How to Rent a Car in Taiwan: Some Pointers

Why Drive a Rental Car in Taiwan

With its High-Speed Rail service, Taiwan’s west coast has effective and accessible public transportation, but destinations like Alishan and Taroko Gorge are more challenging to get there. Having a Taiwan car rental makes access to these well-known tourist attractions considerably more flexible and simple. Having a rental car to travel throughout Taiwan car rental gave us so much flexibility. It gave us the freedom to move at our own speed, see waterfalls and other places off the usual path, and generally make the most of our time in the nation.

Organizing a rental vehicle

We choose Avis to rent our vehicle after locating a fantastic deal. We decided on a basic sedan because a standard vehicle was sufficient for traveling Taiwan.
Tip for driving in Taiwan: The public transportation system in Taipei is quite well developed, and it is simple to use the subway. If you are beginning your trip to Taiwan in Taipei, we advise against renting a car right away; wait until you have had time to see the city. On our final morning in Taipei, we picked up our rental car and headed straight for Taichung. Additionally, renting a car in the city as opposed to at the airport is frequently less expensive! To get the best deal and ensure availability, book your rental car well in advance.

Driving Permit International (IDP)

To Taiwan car rental , you must have an International Drivers Permit (IDP). You must obtain one from your country of residence, where your license was granted, as this is required. Don’t forget to bring it; you’ll be asked for it when you pick up the rental vehicle.
  • Driving Method: The majority of the drivers are kind and laid back.
  • Driving in the City: Taiwanese cities often had a lot of traffic and mopeds. It was usually chaotic and belligerent at peak hours, so stay away.
  • Driving in the countryside is often more laid-back, and the posted speed limits are also lower than in major towns. Be cautious of oncoming traffic, though, as it is overtaking on the opposing side of the road.

Taiwan’s parking garages

Taiwan's parking garages

There was designated parking available at each hotel where we stayed. The main tourist destinations have plenty of parking, and the parking lots seemed secure. However, the standard advice still holds true: never leave something in your car that you can’t afford to lose!

Taking a car to Taroko Gorge

From Taitung to Taroko Gorge and back to Taipei, we took a car. Although the travel is gorgeous, it can be exhausting. The roads are twisty and congested as you enter Taroko National Park. You can encounter delays as a result of road repair because the park frequently experiences rock falls. If you have somewhere to be, make sure to provide enough time. Getting a rental car in Taiwan car rental advice: while we were in the park, we waited in line for road repair for a few hours. Seeing the gorge’s beauty is definitely worth the effort.

The journey to Alishan

From Taichung and Sun Moon Lake, we took the car to Alishan, then on to Kaohsiung. The route to Alishan is lovely; the scenery is lovely and the roads are excellent. Tour buses can clog up the winding roads as you get closer to the Alishan National Scenic Area, but there are places to pass.
The Alishan National Scenic Area is off-limits to automobile traffic. Vehicles are left in a sizable parking lot close to the entrance. The hotels in the park provide frequent shuttles to and from the parking lot, and the railway station is close by. Although we did so without incident, it is never a good idea to leave valuables in a car.
Getting a rental car in Taiwan? Try to arrive before the hotel check-in rush because the Alishan parking lot fills up quite early in the day. There are other parking lots, but you might have to travel a fair distance to the bus stop while carrying your bags.
In conclusion, choosing Taiwan car rental can significantly improve your trip. Travelers frequently choose it because of how easy, adaptable, and free it is to explore the many landscapes and attractions at their own time. A Taiwan car rental delivers an unrivaled sense of adventure and discovery, whether you’re driving through crowded cities, through rough terrain, or along quiet coastal roads. You may explore Taiwan’s local culture and venture beyond of the popular tourist destinations by hiring a car.¬† Your travel will have a sense of spontaneity because you can stop and explore anytime you choose and are not constrained by set schedules.

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